Dr. R.D. Ahmad

DR. Rana DILDAR AHMAD is one of the leading figures of homeopathy, specially in alternative medicine in both Pakistan and Europe specially in Switzerland. He has been practicing alternative medicine in Pakistan and Switzerland simultaneously for the past nearly 25 years. After receiving his basic education in Pakistan he studied various fields of alternative medicine in Switzerland and other European Countries. 

This includes Iridology (Diagnoses from Iris), Reflex ology and cupping therapy. Hijama is worth  mentioning. He has trained several young  practioners in Pakistan in all the mentioning fields. He has the honor of being a physician not only in Pakistan rather also of many important political and social personalities of Switzerland. He also introduced advanced homeopathy along with classic homeopathy and modern methods. He is a Patriotic Pakistani, he has always tried to make the quality of medicine available to patients in Switzerland, the same quality available to patients in Pakistan. In this context he established the distribution setup of the famous world leader of  spagyric Homeopathy  pharmaceutical company PEKANA naturheilmittel Germany under the name of AMAN Traders. That is providing all products of PEKANA Germany at minimum margin with 100 percent manufacturing and packing Guarantee available to patients at all major homeopathic store across Pakistan for almost past 16 years. Homeopathic doctors and chemist have ful confidence on the products of PEKANA Germany.

Dr. Rana Dildar Ahmad realized  that imported medicine were not affordable for every Pakistani, so he started “Sante` graine de vie Pharma” in 2019  in accordance with international standards so that every Pakistani has access to high quality and affordable homeopathic medicine. Sante` graine de vie manufacturing plant in collaboration with Swiss company namely Sante graine` de vie sarl (Switzerland) is for the first time ensuring the production of homeopathic products in accordance with European standard in Pakistan. 

He trained the staff of Sante manufacturing plant (despite having decoelis of experience) with a female trainer from a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. The Special combination of Sante graine` de vie have been developed according to the formulation tested by Dr. Rana Dildar Ahmad during 25 years of practice in Switzerland. A large number of medicine manufactured at Sante Graine de vie Pharma plant have also received form 6 in 2018 and now many received for source as well, Because one of the goals of Sante` graine de vie Pakistan is to supply higher quality medicine to its country Pakistan as well as to export higher quality medicines to Switzerland and other European countries for this reason, the installation of HVAC system (heat vacuum & air conditioner) and latest machinery in Sante Graine` de vie plants is also to maintain the international standard  Dr. Rana Dildar Ahmad says that one of the purpose of Sante` graine de vie is  to provide employment to Pakistan and benefit the country so that Pakistan can get foregone exchange Dr. Rana Dildar Ahmad has played a commendable role in the promotion and development of homoeopathy and alternative medicine. The live example is a monthly Magazine “Shifa Yaab” which is the leading representative magazine of all treatment. Dr. Rana  Dildar Ahmad running the magazine for last 4 year efficiency more over, he also used to arrange training sessions and seminars for young doctors. Keeping in view the usefulness of modern media. Dr. Rana Dildar Ahmad lecture two channels Shifa Yaab Health Tv Urdu and Shifa Yaab Sante tv french separately on youtube. I pray this initiative of Dr. Rana  Dildar Ahmad will bring the desired benefits to this country and its people, may Allah Almighty grant Dr. Rana Dildar Ahmad success in all his good intention and give double & quadruplets  development to his on going projects always right. Ameen

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